Human Form Still Life

Looking to get some new projects off the ground this year and starting off with a still life incorporating the human form. Inspired by the the paintings of Amy Judd and the creative photography of Vanessa Paxton I'll be posting some new material from the venture at the end of January. 


Social Media

I'm guessing you've managed to find your way here from another social media portal - but just in case you've stumbled here randomly through the interwebs then make sure you head over to Instagram for @JamieTPhotography and Twitter @JamieTPhotography (though I'm a little rubbish at updating that!). I'm on The Facebook as well, just search for JamieTPhotography and you'll get there...

You're noticing a pattern developing? That's right, I'm nothing if not consistent - basically JamieTPhotography everywhere I need a username or a profile name and there should be my beaming face. 

Welcome Along

I'm trying to get better at posting more about the shoots I do and the people I interact with on a regular basis - there's something really great about some creative minds getting together to make some fabulous images and I know some of you are fans of the people that I work with. 

I'd like a little behind the scenes action, a little fan interaction, some great candid moments and whatever questions you've got. It can be directed at me, how I work, what I'm looking to achieve, or directed to those I work with. 

So if you've got questions about anything that goes on then get in touch; here, or on any of the social media platforms you get your JamieTPhotography fix.